The WAWC is keen to hear from anyone with an interest in the welfare of free-living wildlife in the UK.



Dear Colleague,

The Wild Animal Welfare Committee (WAWC) is seeking to collate robust evidence specifically on the welfare of foxes flushed from cover by dogs.

Since the publication of the June 2000 report of Committee of Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs in England and Wales, chaired by Lord Burns, we are aware of only a very limited amount of new information that could be used to inform the current debate on the number of dogs which should be used to flush foxes from cover. 

If you know of any new evidence-based information of direct relevance to this issue, please would you make us aware of this by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The WAWC intends to collate all relevant information received to produce a statement to inform the current debate. 

Areas of specific interest include evidence about the difference in welfare terms between using two dogs and using a full pack to flush foxes, and whether there is any animal welfare-based case to change the law in either Scotland or England and Wales.

Importantly, we are not seeking personal or organisational views about the existing or proposed legislation, nor any anecdotal observations or reports of cases. 

We would be grateful for a response by Monday 11 January 2016

Thank you for your help. 

Dr Pete Goddard


WAWC Chair


The WAWC is currently carrying out a stakeholder survey to assess interested parties’ support for the creation of a Wild Animal Welfare Committee and discuss its role in protecting wild animals in the UK.

The WAWC Inaugural Conference - Wild Animal Welfare: Challenges and Opportunities - took place in Edinburgh on 8 November 2016.

Click on the links below to see the speakers' presentations.


Conference Introduction   
Dr Pete Goddard
Duration: 6.49

The WAWC: Separating fact from fudge 
Professor Ranald Munro
Duration: 16.54

Wildlife welfare: towards a practical ethic for animals  
Professor David Fraser, University of British Columbia
Duration: 49.30

Principles of wild animal welfare law 

Dr Angus Nurse, Middlesex University

Duration: 32.00
The challenges of wild animal welfare in research  
Dr Carl Soulsbury, University of Lincoln
Duration: 30.13
First report from WAWC’S major review of UK wild animal welfare issues: terrestrial wild mammals 
Professor Piran White, University of York
Panel Session 
Introduction by Panel Chair
Carol McKenna
Animal welfare in a conservation context
Chris Draper
Duration: 20.46

Welfare concerns for marine mammals 
Sarah Dolman
Duration: 11.52
Welfare gaps in UK wildlife trapping 
Dr Sandra Baker
Duration: 22.15

Misguided human interventions 
Dr Liz Mullineaux
Duration: 14.11

Audience debate and summing up 
Duration: 50.01